VLS’ True Advantages

What makes us stand out from our competitors?

  • Our components are made of stainless steel. This translates into a longer life span and easy cleaning for you.
  • The design and manufacturing of VLS suction feet with molded rubber gaskets yields longer gasket life.
  • The integrity of VLS’ motor/compressor frame design tends to outperform competition.
  • Custom designed attachments are manufactured and engineered in-house, eliminating delays in manufacturing and late deliveries. Also modifications can be made to spec immediately on premises.
  • Simplistic design of control head yields less breakage and diminishes the foreign particle malfunction of the control head.

Safety Advantages:

  • Optional acoustical hood lowers decibels from 76 to 64
  • Completely enclosed motor/compressor’s belt and pulley
  • If power failure while operating, a safety measure is built in. The top swivel valve allows load to lower to floor without releasing the load.
  • Non-restraining handle provides no pinch points to fingers
  • Automative height return reduces stress on fingers/wrist