Standard Solutions: Video + Pictures

Posted on: February 20th, 2012 by Kathy Lavery

What It Does:

VLS’s vacuum lifting system is an ergonomic, safe and cost efficient means of transporting loads in a manufacturing process, while reducing the physical requirements of workers.

How It Works

This self-contained vacuum powered system lifts, maneuvers, and lowers a variety of non-porous and semi-porous loads by vacuum. Operators of the system may control the vacuum pressure by opening or closing the control valve, allowing one to lift, move and lower loads. The column of the vacuum in the lift tube allows for lifting without any stress to the operator. The ergonomic design allows the system to be suspended from a lightweight overhead crane, resulting in a greater range of motion for the operator.

Lifting Capacity + Custom Solutions

The VLS system is available in standard ranges from lifting 100lb to 480lb (45kg to 217kg) capacity. Custom systems and attachments are designed and manufactured to solve a company’s lifting challenges.

Click on below pictures for full view.

VLS 150: Standard tabletop lifter with angle adaptor

VLS 150: Standard box lifter

Standard Solution Videos:

VLS 150: Standard bag lifter

VLS 150: Standard lift to lift pails