VLS 230 Applications:

This system is used to lift up to 230lb / 104kg of product at one time (not pictured above). It lifts and holds by vacuum. The system is simple to adjust in order to suit loads and requirements of many industries. Standard components are stocked to ship as needed. Custom systems are designed by our engineers and manufactured to meet your requirements.


Stainless steel


  • A versatile, ergonomic system designed for simplicity to operate, safety and efficiency.
  • A system that handles all types of material loads: sacks, boxes, sheet wood, metal, panels and much more.
  • Custom designed attachments provide solutions to material handling problems.
  • Smooth and quick operation – by using the same handle to lift, lower and release the load.


  • VLS manufactures all components on premises. That means better customer service for you.
  • Ergonomic system helps reduce growing worker’s compensation claims, and meets OSHA requirements.
  • A proven return on your investment: multi-operator jobs become a one operator solution.
  • Simple to adjust for loads and requirements of most industries.

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Watch VLS 230 in Action:

Custom solution roll lifter suction foot with plug plate to seal off core in roll film.