Tire Challenge

Posted on: September 19th, 2012 by Kathy Lavery


A manufacturer of tire and tire treads experienced frustration over the lack of proper material handling equipment. Employees were asked to manually lift 60 lbs. carbon black bags and 110 lbs. of raw rubber blocks.  The company was experiencing a 50% reduction in production areas, scheduling problems and high employee turnover.

VLS Corporation Distributor’s Solution:

Our local Distributor conducted an assessment of the carbon black and raw rubber production lifting areas. VLS Corporation reviewed the findings and together worked with our Distributor to determine the best solution for the production areas.  VLS vacuum lift systems were installed with bridge cranes spanning the entire working areas. The properly installed cranes and VLS systems allowed the employees to easily lift the carbon black bags and raw rubber blocks.


  • Increased production by 50%
  • Production shut downs completely eliminated.
  • VLS system design provided ergonomic safe work area.
  • Reduction in employee turnover.
  • Eliminated all scheduling problems in production area.